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Taking the headache out of dealing with data.

From on-set support to comprehensive, fully-tailored workflows for single to large multi-camera 4K productions, my team and I are here to take the headache out of dealing with data.
We work with your D.O.P as part of the camera team to help them capture what they are after on-set
making sure your transition from shoot through to post production is thorough, seamless and smooth.


Even before the cameras start rolling, my team and I work with you and the DOP to understand your requirements and advise on the best shooting specification for the cameras. From there we can advise on the correct workflow to achieve this from set right through to post as well as provide the best equipment and hard drives most suited to your shoot whether in a studio or on location.

We work as part of the camera team to make sure everything is set up to the correct resolutions, codecs, colour spaces and beyond ready for turnover. With a vast amount of camera experience we are there throughout the process to help the camera team achieve what they are after and to make sure the process runs smoothly

Whether in a studio or on location the equipment we supply allows us to always stay on top of monitoring exposure, camera metadata and colour balance, feeding back to the rest of the camera team to make sure everything is captured as intended whilst you shoot, so there are no nasty surprises when you get into the edit. We work with the DOP to help achieve his look by creating LUTS that can be input in-camera as well as supplied through to post, making sure that vision is preserved.

Making sure the transition from on-set to post production is as seamless as possible is a vital part of what we do. In pre-production we liaise with the edit house and post

co-ordinators to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the camera format, resolution and transcode specification all integrates effortlessly into their workflows once it arrives with them. This way everyone is up to speed with what's required, what's being delivered and avoids any potential issues down the line before shooting has even begun. 

Even though principle photography may have wrapped up, it's important that we remain on hand to make sure the handover from set to edit is seamless. Particularly on larger multi-camera shoots where there can be such a multitude of data across a large shooting timeframe it's common for there to be additional bits of information the editors may need to know - for example a certain camera's frame rate or how or when something was shot - we keep a log of it all so we can answer those questions quickly and keep post concentrating on what matters most - the final cut!